Endocrine Pharmacology

Suggested Level of Knowlege: Basic


BT_PO 1.90 Describe the pharmacology of:

· Insulin preparations

· Oral hypoglycaemics

· Corticosteroid drugs

BT_PO 1.91 Outline the pharmacology of:

· Thyroid hormone replacement and anti-thyroid drugs

· Glucagon

· Vasopressin and analogues

Past SAQs

2013.1 What are the major classes of oral hypoglycaemic agents? Outline their mechanisms of action and possible side effects.

2010.1 List the main drug groups used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. For each group explain the mechanism of action and give examples.

2007.2 Outline the mechanisms of action and potential adverse effects of the oral hypoglycaemic agents.

2005.2 Describe the therapeutic and unwanted effects of dexamethasone.

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Evers & Maze 2nd Ed. Cap. 57.