List of LOs

This is an attempt to make a study guide using Primary Learning Outcomes on the ANZCA Website.

I have tried to rank the topics in some kind of importance to anaesthetic practice. This reflects my own anaesthetic practice, and there is obviously no guarantee that this represents how the topics are seen by primary examiners. I have also tried to subdivide each supergroup into subgroups of roughly equal importance.

The site is an ongoing work. I have put past questions and references for those subjects that I have looked up, and will add to them from time to time.

I have started to add some of the opening viva questions from the old papers. This is a work in progress. Some of the opening questions are more complete than others.

The SAQs from before 2013 were set from the old curriculum. I have omitted those which obviously aren’t covered by any LOs, but put the other ones up just in case I have missed something.






Safety & Stats

If you have suggestions for references you can email me.

Mark Reeves has recently written a primer for the Primary, which you can find here.