Proximal Convoluted Tubule

BT_PO 1.63 Describe glomerular filtration and tubular function

Regarding the proximal convoluted tubule:

Q. It reabsorbs 65% of filtered sodium and water.  TRUE/ FALSE

Q. It reabsorbs 65% filtered chloride.  TRUE/ FALSE

Q. Aquaporin channels are found on the luminal surface of the tubule cells.  TRUE/ FALSE

Q. Most of the glucose is reabsorbed via the paracellular route.  TRUE/ FALSE

Q. This is the principal site of urea secretion.  TRUE/ FALSE



BT_PO 1.71 Explain the effects on anaesthesia on renal function

I didn’t realise that this LO existed – found it when I was looking for a renal topic to post on, as there seem to be a dearth of renal posts on this site.

This is actually an important topic as relatively minor reductions in renal function are associated with worse peri-operative outcome.

I don’t have any kidney photos. Below is the best I could do for the genitourinary system. There are a whole series of these (some much more X rated) on view at MONA


BT_PO 1.71  Explain the effects on anaesthesia on renal function

Any anaesthetic agent which results in a reduction of blood pressure is likely to reduce GFR   TRUE/FALSE

Attenuation of the stress response to surgery is renal protective   TRUE/FALSE

Volatile anaesthetic agents may provide protection against ischaemia- reperfusion injury of the kidney TRUE/FALSE

IPPV improves renal blood flow TRUE/FALSE

Metabolic acidosis increases the kidneys’ vulnerability to nephrotoxins TRUE/FALSE

2017.1 : SAQ 13

Describe how the large daily volume of glomerular filtrate is altered by the kidney to form a relatively low volume of concentrated urine.

BT_PO 1.64    BT_PO 1.67

This question just asks for some basic functions of the kidney

Approximately 80% of the glomerular filtrate is absorbed  TRUE/FALSE

The medulla is hyperosmotic due to salt and urea  TRUE/FALSE

ADH plays an important role  TRUE/FALSE

Urea is actively secreted  TRUE/FALSE

The counter-current mechanism creates a hypo-osmotic medulla  TRUE/FALSE

BT_PO 1.63 Describe glomerular filtration and tubular function

Daily glomerular filtration of potassium is approximately 800 mmol/day. TRUE / FALSE

Reabsorption of potassium in the proximal tubule is fixed at 65% of the amount filtered. TRUE / FALSE

Aldosterone controls potassium excretion by altering the amount reabsorbed in the distal tubule. TRUE / FALSE

An increase in plasma potassium concentration directly stimulates the Na-K pumps in the distal tubule, to increase potassium secretion. TRUE / FALSE

During hypokalaemia, the kidneys can achieve zero potassium excretion in the urine. TRUE / FALSE