SS_PA 1.25 Describe the composition of body fluids in the neonate and explain the changes that occur with growth and development

TRUE/FALSE  Term neonates have a lower percentage of total body water compared with adults

TRUE/FALSE  Serum albumin levels are lower in neonates compared with adults

TRUE/FALSE  Gastric pH is alkalotic at birth

TRUE/FALSE  Neonatal serum glucose levels are generally higher than those of older children

TRUE/FALSE Term neonates have a lower percentage of total body fat compared with adults

SS_PA 1.24 : paediatric physiology

Not a bad textbook, Evers & Maze… But rubbish for paediatric pharmacodynamics… So I’ve swapped over to some paediatric physiology instead. I used Miller as it was handy.

SS_PA 1.24 Describe the physiology of the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and neurological systems in the neonate and the changes that occur with growth and development and the implications of this for anaesthetic care

During the first 2 weeks of age a neonate can flip back into a foetal circulation   TRUE/FALSE

The neonate has more compliant ventricles than an adult   TRUE/FALSE

Infants have more type I muscle fibres in their diaphragm   TRUE/FALSE

Neonates have decreased intracardiac calcium stores   TRUE/FALSE

Oxygen consumption in infants is higher than in adults   TRUE/FALSE