2018.1 SAQ 2 CVS changes with morbid obesity

Describe the cardiovascular changes that occur with morbid obesity.

In the 20 yrs since I started anaesthesia, an increasing number of our patients are now morbidly obese. Obesity has implications for most body systems, but the interaction of the drugs we use with the cardiovascular system, makes this of particular relevance to us.

I have previously written a post on this topic where I have suggested some good resources. I would suggest you look at that post if you would like some further reading material (and also some more T/F statements to check your knowledge)

BT_PO 1.50 Describe the cardiovascular changes that occur with morbid obesity

Stroke volume increases linearly with BMI in part due to an increased preload  T/F

In the absence of another pathology, systemic vascular resistance is reduced in the morbidly obese T/F

All of the hormones secreted by visceral adipocytes are detrimental to the CVS  T/F

Both concentric and eccentric hypertrophy of the left ventricle occur in morbid obesity T/F

Morbid obesity is a hypercoaguable state T/F