BT_PO 1.51 Autonomic nervous system


Art by Bruce Nauman viewed at the Tate Modern.

Let’s focus on the physiology of the first of those statements today….

BT_PO 1.51 Describe the autonomic nervous system and its physiological roles including:

· Autonomic receptors and cellular effects of receptor activation

· Autonomic transmitters, their synthesis, release and fate

Acetylcholine is essential for the normal function of the sympathetic nervous system  TRUE/FALSE

Most blood vessels have only sympathetic innervation TRUE/FALSE

Noradrenaline has a longer half life than acetylcholine   TRUE/FALSE

The sympathetic nervous system incorporates a negative feedback loop, via presynaptic α2 receptors  TRUE/FALSE

The heart receives input from T1-6 sympathetic fibres  TRUE/FALSE

and one extra one for those of you hoping for something related to the second statement…

Both an intact parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system are required for normal male sexual function    TRUE/FALSE