Serotonin Syndrome

BT_PO 1.102 Discuss the clinical features and management of serotonin syndrome


T / F   all serotonin receptors are ligand gated ion channels

T / F   tramadol, pethidine, fluoxetine, amphetamines and amitriptyline are all potentially serotonergic

T / F   monoamine oxidase inhibitors are not serotonergic

T / F   features of serotonin syndrome include: CNS excitation; hyperthermia; and hyper-reflexia

T / F   treatment is usually supportive, although cyproheptadine is a potential antidote

BT_GS 1.44 Describe the clinical pharmacology of drugs used in the management of PONV


Regarding ondansetron:

It is significantly more expensive than metoclopramide*     T/F

It prolongs the QT period to a similar degree to that of droperidol     T/F

A common adverse effect is constipation                               T/F

It doesn’t impair the analgesic efficacy of tramadol             T/F

The wafer formulation has an intense bitter taste                 T/F


*At the time of writing, an amp of Maxolon costs about 40 cents in my hospital.