BT GS 1.36 Describe the PK of neuromuscular blocking agents


Regarding rocuronium:

It is a more potent agent than vecuronium   T/F

If you drank it, it would paralyse you eventually         T/F

Its duration of action is dependent on what time of the day you administer it    T/F

It commonly causes stinging when injected*    T/F

It is presented as a racemic mixture                 T/F


*Read this paper for a description of what it feels like to have rocuronium and suxamethonium injected when you are wide awake.  Response of the bispectral index to neuromuscular block in awake volunteers. P Schuller et al. British Journal of Anaesthesia 2015; 115(Supp 1): i95-103.

Reading any clinical paper about rocuronium should allow you to answer the third question. Unfortunately, reading any of the recommended texts for the exam won’t be enlightening about this particular property of rocuronium.

2017.1 : SAQ 6

Discuss the potential adverse effects of suxamethonium

BT_GS 1.38

This is a drug with a cornucopia of adverse effects, know them so you know when not to use the drug, and what to be alert for every time you do use it.

Hyperkalaemia is more likely with a repeat dose  TRUE/FALSE

Bradycardia is more likely with a repeat dose  TRUE/FALSE

Prolonged paralysis is more common in South East Asians than Caucasians  TRUE/FALSE

Myalgia is more likely in a patient who has a spinal cord injury  TRUE/FALSE

Masseter spasm can be an early sign of MH  TRUE/FALSE