2018.2 SAQ 11 – midazolam

I rarely use this drug as I worry about the ethical implications of amnesia in a patient who believes they were unconscious. In an anxious patient I prefer to make the experience as pleasant as possible with such activities as talking, hand holding, my ‘Lullabies for Grown-ups’ playlist and making the theatre table up as a cosy bed with the forced air warmer already running. Even so, some people are so anxious that midazolam is totally appropriate as an anxiolytic, and it has a role in my practice when performing procedures. 

The time to peak effect of midazolam is 2 minutes    TRUE/FALSE

Midazolam is water soluble in an acidic solution    TRUE/FALSE

Midazolam can be given orally    TRUE/FALSE

Midazolam can be used as an anticonvulsant    TRUE/FALSE

Upper airway reflexes are preserved with midazolam    TRUE/FALSE



BT_GS 1.34

Somebody on a committee I was serving on participated in the initial trials of Flumazenil. When their trial found a negative result, their research funding was immediately cut. Correlation does not imply causation of course.

T/F Flumazenil is a partial agonist at the benzodiazepine receptor

T/F The duration of action of flumazenil is 30 to 60 minutes

T/F Flumazenil reverses the amnesia but not the anxiolysis induced by midazolam

T/F The dose of flumazenil is 2mg/kg

T/F Flumazenil typically reverses the CNS effects of benzodiazepines after 6 to 12 minutes