2018.2 SAQ 1 – non invasive BP measurement

Briefly describe the principles (50%) and sources of error (50%) in the measurement of arterial blood pressure using an automated oscillometric non-invasive monitor

This is a piece of equipment we use multiple times each day so pretty reasonable that we should know how it works and what makes it not work so well.

This topic will be covered in any equipment textbook, but here is a nice little article from BJA Education.

All of the statements below are core.

BT_SQ 1.6 Describe the methods of measurement applicable to anaesthesia, including clinical utility, complications and sources of error in particular Blood pressure measurement

Systolic BP is taken as the point at which the oscillations suddenly increase T/F

Modern oscillometric BP machines have one cuff that both occludes the artery and senses the oscillations T/F

The pressure drop in the cuff may be continuous or stepped T/T

Calcified arteries may cause inaccurate readings as the vessels cannot be compressed T/F

External pressure on the cuff does not affect readings T/F

The readings are equally accurate across the full spectrum of blood pressure T/F