Cleaning of Equipment

IT_SQ 1.5

Oxyvir wipesI am sure this is a subject which has you on the edge of your seats.

When I was training one of the hospitals I worked at would heat treat their PVC endotracheal tubes so they could reuse them. The trouble was that after they had been cooked, they had the structural strength of freshly cooked spaghetti. You had to unkink them several times per case. I got into the habit of tearing off the pilot balloon of cuffed tubes so that they couldn’t be re-used…



T/F Laryngoscope blades should be sterilised after use

T/F Single use items may be sterilised if the process complies with AS/NZS 4187

T/F Disinfection involves the inactivation of non-sporing organisms and spores.

T/F Bougies should be disinfected after use.

T/F The surface of the anaesthetic machine should be disinfected between patients