2018.2 SAQ 3 – effects of sevoflurane on the respiratory system

BT_GS 1.25  Describe the effects of the inhalational agents on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and central nervous systems

Another core SAQ! The reference is Miller.

T / F  a patient anaesthetised with sevoflurane as the sole agent would have a decreased tidal volume, and an increased respiratory rate

T / F  apnoea can be produced with sevoflurane

T / F  sevoflurane decreases the slope of the CO2 response curve, and shifts it to the right

T / F  0.1 MAC is enough to significantly blunt the increase in ventilation normally seen with hypoxaemia

T / F  sevoflurane is a bronchodilator

T / F  at > 1 MAC, sevoflurane inhibits hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, making it unsuitable during one lung ventilation

T / F  sevoflurane impairs the function of cilia on the respiratory endothelium