2018.2 SAQ 2 – oxygen transport

Discuss the factors that affect oxygen transport from the alveoli to the tissues

No prizes for guessing why this is an important topic…

I have previously posted on the oxygen cascade and included a reference at that post which you may like to refer to. This topic is well covered in both of the respiratory physiology textbooks on the reading list.

BT_PO 1.23 Oxygen cascade

BT_PO1.24 Describe the alveolar exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide

BT_PO 1.25 Discuss diffusion capacity and its measurement

BT_PO 1.31 Discuss the carriage of oxygen in blood, etc.

The first 4 of these are reasonably easy, as are the ones in my other post on this topic.

There is a linear relationship between PaO2 and oxygen content of arterial blood T/F

It is normal for the A-a gradient of oxygen to increase with increasing age T/F

Breathing a hypoxic mixture will generally result in hyperventilation, in an attempt to return alveolar oxygen levels to normal T/F

A patient breathing room air with a Hb of 15g/dL will have the same oxygen carrying capacity as a patient with a Hb of 10g/dL breathing 100% O2 T/F

A person with an oxygen consumption of 200ml/min, breathing room air, will require an alveolar ventilation rate of at least 1L/min to prevent alveolar PO2 reaching zero T/F        (the answer to this one can be found in a very interesting graph in Nunn’s Chapter on Oxygen)