BT_PO 1.10 Describe the properties of surfactant and its role in respiratory mechanics

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I am sure you would find the answers to these in either West or Nunn’s (Lumb) books. I used Nunn because I am still on holidays.

BT_PO 1.10 Surfactant properties and role in respiratory mechanics
Surface tension in the alveoli is reduced by the presence of surfactant T/F

Surfactant ensures that surface tension is equal throughout the lung T/F

Surfactant release is stimulated by high volume lung inflation T/F

Surfactant plays a role in keeping the alveoli free from transudate T/F

Surfactant has an important immunological function in the lung T/F

Why is surfactant important in preventing collapse of small alveoli? Which physical law determines pressure within a sphere? If you do a little mathematical equation looking an pressure within an alveolus with a 0.1mm sphere and one with a 0.2mm sphere assuming equal surface tension, you will be able to work out the answer to the second statement.

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