BT PO 1.120 Pharmacology of anticoagulant drugs


This post will focus on the new or novel anticoagulant drugs (NOACs) which are taking over from warfarin thanks to effective marketing and their not needing regular monitoring. They continue to pose significant problems in the perioperative period especially in the setting of emergent surgery due to difficulties in antagonising their anticoagulant activity. Although idarucizamab works very well it still costs a bomb and only works for dabigatran. All the set texts cover these important drugs well. You need to know more than the surgeons about all these agents.

T/F  all these agents are given once a day

T/F  these agents have a reduced risk than warfarin of major bleeding

T/F  reversal drugs have been developed for all of the NOACs

T/F  prothrombinex will reliably reverse the anticoagulant effect of dabigatran because it is a thrombin inhibitor

T/F  normal conventional coags makes significant NOAC activity unlikely

Lastly, do you know the generic to match these brand names:

  • eliquis
  • pradaxa
  • prasugrel
  • xarelto
  • brilinta

(I may have been a bit sneaky)