Are these words spelled/ spelt correctly?

m kelly

No LO for correct grammar but each of the following words is notorious for being spelled incorrectly by candidates on SAQ papers. Although it probably won’t lose you points it is somewhat irksome to see words ubiquitous to anaesthesia being written incorrectly- especially when the correct spelling is provided in the question itself!

You should be very familiar with the following words in terms of their meaning and application to anaesthesia. They all do actually have a primary LO that relates to them. Regarding whether they are spelled correctly, the answer is only a brief Google search away but beware there are also plenty of websites and textbooks that perpetuate spelling errors. The picture above for instance….


Which of the following are spelled correctly?





Substantia Gelatinoosa

Rapoport-Leubering shunt

Monro-Kellie Doctrine

Keety-Schmidt method