BT_PO 1.119 Describe the mode of action of protamine and potential adverse reactions

Unless you’re doing a cardiac term you won’t have much contact with this drug. However much badness can result from the intemperate use of this drug (even worse if you’ve forgotten to give the heparin in the first place!) so you need to know about it. Most of the important points are covered in the statements below and again I used Goodman and Gilman because I’ve recently bought self a copy. (Also used Stoelting cos there wasn’t much in G&G…annoying)

T/F  Protamine is a polypeptide drug derived from fish sperm and is positively charged

T/F  Protamine should be given slowly to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis

T/F  to antagonise unfractionated heparin the dose is approximately 1mg Protamine per 100 units of heparin

T/F  Protamine doesn’t antagonise LMWH at all

T/F  paradoxically, Protamine can cause an anticoagulant effect itself

T/F Protamine is cleared more rapidly than heparin and this accounts for the ‘heparin rebound’ effect

T/F Protamine is contraindicated in individuals with a seafood allergy

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