Primary Exam Webinar


I hope that everyone has had a great week and is going to be able to do at least one enjoyable thing over the weekend. Maybe you’ll find yourself as happy and relaxed as these sea otters, off the coast of Carmel, California. They are some of my favourite creatures and have wrapped themselves in kelp, as an anchor to the seabed, just to reduce one more worry – that of drifting away.

Today, I little bit of a plug for the Tips for the Primary Exam Webinar which will be hosted by ANZCA next Tuesday July 10, 7.30 AEST.

The webinar will briefly outline the exam and then talk about ways to get the most from your exam sitting, addressing each component separately. The information will be applicable for those sitting the exam in August. However those planning to sit in February may also find it helpful and at the end there will be some general study advice, for those will a bit more preparation time.

The session has 100 spots available. You can register via the link above.