Temperature Measurement

BT_GS 1.69a Describe how a patient’s temperature is monitored and discuss the indications for temperature monitoring with the advantages and disadvantages of particular sites and methods (also refer to monitors and monitoring standards, which is covered in the Safety and quality in anaesthetic practice clinical fundamental)

This is also covered by BT_SQ 1.6, but I didn’t want BT_GA 1.69a to feel left out.

There are plenty of posts so far on the effects of temperature, but how do you measure it?

T/F Nasopharyngeal temperature probes use thermocouples

T/F Thermistors demonstrate hysteresis

T/F A smaller thermistor will have a faster response time

T/F An infrared thermometer works by emitting IR radiation and measuring the amount reflected by the tympanic membrane

T/F A Swan Ganz catheter incorporates a thermistor


Supplementary Questions:

Temp Probe.jpgWhat kind of device is this?

How does its output vary with temperature?

What temperature ranges is it accurate over?

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