BT_PO 1.118 Pharmacology of heparin and LMWH

Excepting anaesthetic drugs and antibiotics, heparin is probably the drug that most of us have daily contact with, whether we are prescribing, administering or just managing it in the perioperative period.

Q. LMWH does not cause HITTS.  TRUE/FALSE

Q. High dose UFH is characterized by 0 order pharmacokinetics.  TRUE/ FALSE

Q. All heparins greatly increase the activity of Antithrombin.  TRUE/ FALSE

Q. Heparins are recombinant products.  TRUE/ FALSE

Q. Recent administration of 5000U heparin sc is a contraindication to neuraxial blockade. TRUE/ FALSE

Look at the ASRA guidelines for the last one, the answer may surprise you.

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