BT_PO 1.93 Describe the physiology of sleep

I think this glass spinning wheel looks like something straight out of Sleeping Beauty. I haven’t really captured it’s brilliance, the gallery was shutting its doors as I happened upon it! It is worth taking a look the the artist Andy Paiko ‘s, website to view some more of his amazing creations.

Clearly normal sleep and anaesthesia are not the same, but most of our patients, hopefully, sleep within 24 hrs of anaesthetic. Recent GA can have an impact on sleep and may exaggerate some of the normal physiological effects.

BT_PO 1.93 Describe the physiology of sleep

Arterial CO2 and O2 levels are unaffected by sleep TRUE/FALSE

Tidal volume reduces during sleep TRUE/FALSE

General anaesthesia often disrupts sleep architecture on the first post-operative night TRUE/FALSE

Responsiveness to increased arterial CO2 is reduced by sleep TRUE/FALSE

Loss of REM sleep on one night is often associated with increased REM sleep on subsequent nights TRUE/FALSE

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