BT_PO 1.46 Myocardial oxygen balance

This LO is a fertile source of SAQ questions.


And above, not really a fertile source for anything, but an appropriately shaped piece of rock left over from the burning of coal, at the Coal Mines Historic Site, operated by convicts from 1838-1848, near Port Arthur, Tasmania.

BT_PO 1.46  Describe the factors determining myocardial oxygen supply and demand and their clinical implications

Oxygen supply to the myocardium is flow limited TRUE/FALSE

In the normal heart, coronary blood flow and the metabolic activity of the myocardium move in parallel with each other TRUE/FALSE

Neural factors exert the dominant influence on myocardial blood flow TRUE/FALSE

For a given percentage change, pressure work by the heart increases oxygen consumption more than volume work does TRUE/FALSE

Reduction in heart rate often improves myocardial oxygen supply and reduces myocardial oxygen demand TRUE/FALSE

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