BT_SQ 1.8 Fire!

BT_SQ 1.8 Outline the causes of fires and explosions in the operating suite and discuss methods for prevention and management (also refer to the Resuscitation, trauma and crisis management clinical fundamental)

Here’s another LO that has migrated from the Final to the Primary. And why not, with only a scant 330-odd LOs in PEX! There’s a little bit in Magee and Tooley – an equipment book I rate highly, and sadly the only book on the reference list that is not available as an e-book from the College library or anywhere else (maybe OUP will do it at the next edition). At under AU$100 it’s probably worth splashing out.

Fire requires only two ingredients: a combustible material and a source of ignition   TRUE/FALSE

Bodok seals on oxygen cylinder yokes should be regularly greased to prevent leaks and possible fires   TRUE/FALSE

Sterile wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol and chlorhexidine are flammable  TRUE/FALSE

Sterile wipes containing 70% ethyl alcohol and chlorhexidine are flammable  TRUE/FALSE

The resistance between an antistatic theatre floor and earth should be greater than 5 MΩ  TRUE/FALSE



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