BT_PM1.18 : neuraxial opioids

This has been a popular topic in vivas (and the occasional SAQ) for ages. It’s an important and relevant topic that is not always well-covered in the basic texts.

BT_PM 1.18 Describe the pharmacology of opioids deposited in the epidural space or cerebrospinal fluid

With regard to epidural fentanyl (1

plasma concentrations of fentanyl are similar to the same dose given intramuscularly TRUE/FALSE

the duration of analgesia is 1 hour TRUE/FALSE

the CSF concentrations of fentanyl are maximal at 50 minutes  TRUE/FALSE

the incidence of pruritis is greater than following an equi-analgesic dose of epidural morphine  TRUE/FALSE

the onset of analgesia is around 2-5 minutes because fentanyl is highly lipid soluble  TRUE/FALSE

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