SS_PA 1.51 : paediatric pharmacokinetics

Staying on the theme of routes of administration today..

SS_PA 1.51  : Describe how the pharmacokinetics of drugs commonly used in anaesthesia in neonates and children differ from adults and the implications for anaesthesia

Oral medications are absorbed slowly in infants due to decreased gastric emptying and intestinal motility  TRUE/FALSE

Nasal midazolam tastes good  TRUE/FALSE

Gastric pH is lower in infants than in adults  TRUE/FALSE

The solubility coefficients of an inhaled anaesthetic will determine its volume of distribution  TRUE/FALSE

In Evers & Maze the author states  ‘Other factors causing a more rapid “wash-in” of inhalational anesthetics include the greater fraction of cardiac output distributed to the vessel-rich tissue group (e.g., the lungs)’ What do you think of this comment?

(hint – keep reading this chapter on paediatric pharmacology – you might even be able to spend the rest of the week testing your retention of the material)



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