BT_GS 1.23 Describe the physical properties of inhalational agents, including the principles of vaporisation


Fig 1. The above image shows an “open ether” anaesthetic (ether being dripped onto a wire mask covered with gauze).

T / F   It is possible to use ether as shown in Fig. 1 because it is very potent, with a low MAC.

T / F  The patient in Fig. 1 is breathing room air. Administering open ether could cause the inspired oxygen concentration to be significantly reduced. (Can you explain your answer?)

T / F (If you understand the answers to the first 2 questions, this one should be easy!) The boiling point of ether is lower than sevoflurane.


Fig 2. Isoflurane vaporiser

T / F  This device might contain a bimetallic strip, to provide flow compensation.

T / F  If you (hypothetically!!) filled this vaporiser with sevoflurane, the % shown on the dial would be lower than the % delivered to the patient.

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