BT_GS 1.23 Describe the physical properties of inhalational agents, including the principles of vaporisation BT_GS 1.26 Describe the toxicity of inhalational agents


T / F  Using the device shown above, a high inspired concentration of methoxyflurane can be achieved because it has a high saturated vapour pressure.

T / F  Methoxyflurane is more potent than sevoflurane.

T / F  Methoxyflurane produces analgesia at sub-anaesthetic concentrations.

T / F  The oil:gas partition coefficient is 950. This means, at equilibrium, the partial pressure of methoxyflurane in fat would be 950 times higher than in alveoli.

T / F  Nephrotoxicity can occur with prolonged methoxyflurane use, due to intra-renal metabolism to inorganic fluoride (F¯).

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