This too shall pass

This saying came into the English language in the 1850s in Edward Fitzgerald’s retelling of a Persian folktale, “Solomons’s Seal”, in which King Solomon is asked for a phrase which would suit all occasions.

There will be those of you who thought that the exam on Monday could have gone better and perhaps are feeling a bit down in the dumps. Even those of you who initially felt fine, may over the course of the week, have thought of numerous things you failed to include in your answers. That’s normal.

It’s OK. Feel secure in the knowledge that you studied hard and gave it your best effort. No-one will ever answer every question perfectly – such is the nature of the exam.

There is nothing more to be done for the written exam – it has passed. Hopefully you have had a relaxing week and have something lovely planned for the weekend.

Next week it is time to refocus your energy on being as well prepared as possible for the vivas. Speak about the primary material at every possible opportunity: in your study group; in theatre and; at every viva practice session that is offered in your region. Think about the concepts which are difficult to explain and get them straight, first in your head and then coming out of your mouth.

We will be posting a few viva tips on the blog in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and remember this too shall pass….

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