BT_RA 1.16 Neuraxial Opiates

Candidates are often a bit vague on neuraxial opiates in the vivas. These are used very commonly in clinical practice, so it is unwise to overlook this topic.

BT_PM 1.18 Describe the pharmacology of opioids deposited in the epidural space or cerebrospinal fluid

BT_RA 1.16 Describe the drugs which may be injected into the intrathecal or epidural space as adjuvant agents to a central neuraxial block and discuss their risks and benefits

TRUE/FALSE The analgaesic effect from continuous epidural infusion of hydroPHILIC opioids is primarily from systemic absorption

TRUE/FALSE Intrathecal morphine provides analgaesia to more spinal levels than intrathecal fentanyl

TRUE/FALSE Significant amounts of epidural morphine are sequestered in epidural fat

TRUE/FALSE Epidural infusion of fentanyl may lead to systemic concentrations high enough to produce pharmacological effects

TRUE/FALSE The peak period for respiratory depression with intrathecal morphine is from 18-24 hours after injection

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