BT_PO 1.37 The stressed respiratory system

BT_PO 1.37 Discuss the effect of the following on ventilation:

· Changes in posture

· Exercise

· Altitude

· Anaesthesia

· Ageing

· Morbid obesity


Peru. 4200m. #lifeafterexam


TRUE/FALSE Periodic breathing while asleep leading to oxygen saturations of 50% is common when first ascending over 4000 m

TRUE/FALSE  Minute ventilation is proportional to oxygen consumption at all levels of exercise

TRUE/FALSE  Response to hypoxaemia and hypercapnia are usually unaffected by obesity

TRUE/FALSE  FRC is reduced to a greater extent during anaesthesia, when a muscle relaxant is used than when one is not used

TRUE/FALSE  1 MAC of anaesthesia preserves diaphragmatic function but can abolish EMG activity of other inspiratory muscles (If this is true how would this affect your anaesthesia plan for renal and ureteral lithotripsy?)




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