Study tip: Trust yourself and take a break.

Before I sat my primary exam, many moons ago, a delightful aging anaesthetist gave me some wise words of advice, ” Give your knowledge a chance to settle  – don’t study in the day or two before the exam”

Always looking for an excuse not to study πŸ˜‰, I took this advice and it has served me, and others I have shared it with, well. 

Her theory was that our mind processes information that we have learnt and places it in a framework, whilst we are not studying ( perhaps I will talk more about the ‘unconscious mind’ at a later date).  Cramming up to the moment you walk into the examination room disrupts these constructive thought process.

If you have followed Valleculla’s study tip from last week and allowed time to revise your work, you will be well set for the exam.

Give yourself the best chance to perform optimally on the exam day by getting some fresh air, eating well and having a good night’s sleep.

Good Luck to everyone sitting the exam on the 20th – trust yourselves πŸ™ƒ

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