BT_PO 1.76 Regulation of osmolarity

I visited Canberra towards the end of last year to watch one of my children run. In my (large) amount of free time, I visited the National Portrait Gallery, where I happened upon this portrait of Derek Denton, the Australian scientist who discovered the mechanism of thirst.


BT_PO 1.76  Describe the regulation of osmolality

The factors that regulate vasopressin secretion also regulate thirst TRUE/FALSE

Vasopressin is synthesised in the posterior pituitary TRUE/FALSE

Most of plasma’s osmolality is due to Na+ and its accompanying ions, CL- and HCO3- TRUE/FALSE

Hypovolaemia stimulates thirst via angiotensin II acting at sites outside the blood brain barrier  TRUE/FALSE

Aldosterone is responsible for regulating plasma osmolality TRUE/FALSE

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