BT_SQ 1.14 Oxygen delivery systems

Clearly oxygen is a very important element for us as humans and sometimes atmospheric levels of oxygen are insufficient for our patients’ needs.

We are unlikely to find ourselves in the situation of the Apollo 13 astronauts, but it’s important we know how to give supplemental O2…

BT_SQ 1.14 Describe different systems to deliver supplemental oxygen and the advantages and disadvantages of these systems

A non rebreather mask has a one way valve which prevents entrainment of atmospheric air TRUE/FALSE

Venturi oxygen delivery devices make use of the Bernoulli principle TRUE/FALSE

Delivering oxygen at 6L/min via a Hudson mask, a patient with a respiratory rate of 6 breaths per minute (bpm) will recieve a higher FiO2 than a patient with a respiratory rate of 12 bpm TRUE/FALSE

Nasal cannulae are an example of a variable oxygen delivery device TRUE/FALSE

100% oxygen can be delivered to a patient using a Venturi mask with a rating of 1.0 TRUE/FALSE

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