BT_GS 1.3 Dose response curves and associated terms

This is one of my favourite topics to ask in vivas. It is very easy to get yourself confused unless you have things clear in your head. Practise, practise, practise…..

BT_ GS 1.3 Define and explain dose-effect relationships of drugs with reference to:
· Graded and quantal response

· Therapeutic index

· Potency and efficacy

· Competitive and non-competitive antagonists

· Partial agonists, mixed agonist-antagonists and inverse agonists

· Additive and synergistic effects of drug combinations


Antagonist drugs have no intrinsic activity TRUE/FALSE

Quantal dose response curves look at the response of an individual to varying doses of a drug TRUE/FALSE

Therapeutic index is derived from quantal dose response curves TRUE/FALSE

Potency of a drug can be deduced from both a graded and quantal dose response curve TRUE/FALSE

A competitive antagonist will reduce the maximum efficacy of the agonist drug TRUE/FALSE


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