BT_GS 1.55 Monitoring of neuromuscular blockade

BT_GS 1.55 Describe the concept of depth of neuromuscular blockade and explain the use of neuromuscular monitoring

TRUE/FALSE Response to repeated single twitches at 1Hz is greater than at 0.1Hz

TRUE/FALSE In the late phase of recovery after muscle relaxant admnistration, tetanic stimulation can cause lasting antagonism of neuromuscular blockade

TRUE/FALSE The post tetanic count at which the first twitch on the train of four (TOF) appears is similar for both atracurium and cisatracurium

TRUE/FALSE To completely prevent the bucking response to carinal stimulation the post tetanic count needs to be zero

TRUE/FALSE If no fade is felt with dual burst stimulation the train of four ratio is above 0.7

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