BT_PO 1.48 Intergration of cardiovascular responses part 2

When I was writing yesterday’s post, I forgot that today would be Saturday ( that is what comes from being on sick leave and having children on holiday😉). Lucky you – an extra post this week!

BT_PO 1.48 Discuss the cardiovascular responses to:
· Changes in posture

· Exercise

· Valsalva maneouvre

· Positive pressure ventilation and PEEP

· Pneumoperitoneum

· Haemorrhage and hypovolaemia

· Surgery and trauma

The blood volume impacts on the cardiovascular responses of a patient undergoing the Valsalva Manoeuvre  TRUE/FALSE

Pneumoperitoneum with an intraabdominal pressure of greater than 10mmHg is likely to result in an increase in cardiac output TRUE/FALSE

Compensation which occurs following haemorrhage, aims to restore arterial blood pressure to normal TRUE/FALSE

Sympathetic stimulation associated with major haemorrhage results in significant coronary artery constriction TRUE/FALSE

The baroreceptor setpoint changes during excersice TRUE/FALSE

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