BT_PO 1.48 Integration of cardiovascular responses

Sticking with CVS physiology, another LO highly represented in the exam. I think I will stick with this topic tomorrow as well – stay tuned for part 2…

BT_PO 1.48 Discuss the cardiovascular responses to:
· Changes in posture

· Exercise

· Valsalva maneouvre

· Positive pressure ventilation and PEEP

· Pneumoperitoneum

· Haemorrhage and hypovolaemia

· Surgery and trauma

Coronary blood flow may increase 4 times resting level during heavy exercise TRUE/FALSE

The cardiac output during exercise is higher than that calculated on heart rate and increased contractility alone TRUE/FALSE

1000 ml of interstitial fluid can be absorbed during shock during the first hour TRUE/FALSE

The Valsalva Manoeuvre can be used to test the integrity of the baroreceptors TRUE/FALSE

A cerebrally mediated activation of the sympathetic nervous system occurs when the arterial pressure falls below 50 mmHg TRUE/FALSE

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