BT_AM 1.2 Physiology of the airway 

Whilst in Tasmania recently, I visited an excellent exhibition at MONA – on the origin of art. I would definitely recommend seeing it if you are in Hobart before April 17 ( even enough time for a quick post exam trip). There were a series of photos of beautiful “flowers”. The one below features a chicken’s vocal cords

Since there has already been a post on airway anatomy, I thought I would look at airway reflexes. Do chickens cough?

BT_AM 1.2  Describe the physiology of the airway including airway reflexes

Nasal breathing provides better humidification than mouth breathing TRUE/FALSE

The afferent impulses for lung reflexes are mediated via the vagus nerves TRUE/FALSE

Pharyngeal dilator muscles contract reflexively during normal inspiration to prevent pharyngeal obstruction TRUE/FALSE

The expiration reflex may be stimulated at the larynx and sites lower in the airway TRUE/FALSE

Pharyngeal reflexes are maintained, unchanged, during sleep TRUE/FALSE

I’ll show you the flower composed of duck tongues tomorrow….

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