BT_GS 1.23 Physical Properties of Inhalational Agents

Before we do vaporisers, we should cover some of the physical properties of these agents.

BT_GS 1.23 Describe the physical properties of inhalational agents, including the:

· Principles of vaporisation of inhalational agents

· Properties of an ideal inhalational anaesthetic agent

· Structure-activity relationships of inhalational agents

TRUE/FALSE A partition coefficient of 1.4 means that at equilibrium the partial pressure in blood is 1.4 times that in the alveolus

TRUE/FALSE Saturated vapour pressure increases with temperature

TRUE/FALSE Boiling point decreases with falling atmospheric pressure

TRUE/FALSE Maximum sevoflurane concentration at sea level is 33%

TRUE/FALSE Using desflurane in a sevoflurane vaporiser would result in a sub anaesthetic desflurane dose

Below is a picture of a Schimmelbusch Mask.

A piece of gauze was placed over the top of the mask, and then the operator dripped ether onto the gauze. What would happen if you tried this with sevoflurane? Why was it safe to do with ether?


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