BT_GS 1.51 Depth of Anaesthesia Measurement

How do we know if a patient is unconscious when given a volatile agent? Depth of anaesthesia is a slippery concept, so it is worth doing some extra reading around the topic.

BT_GS 1.51 Describe the concept of depth of anaesthesia and how this may be monitored

TRUE/FALSE The EEG of a patient when anaesthetised has a smaller amplitude than when they are awake

TRUE/FALSE Anaesthesia with ketamine produces a different pattern of brain EEG compared to anaesthesia with volatile agents

TRUE/FALSE If two patients have the same BIS number, then they are anaesthetised at the same depth of anaesthesia

TRUE/FALSE Administration of a muscle relaxant will reduce the BIS index if EMG is present

TRUE/FALSE The Entropy monitor measures the effect of anaesthetic drugs on the brain by calculating the randomness of the EEG

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