BT_SQ 1.11 Suction

Seeing as it is a Friday, lets take a rest from pain, and relax with a few nice equipment questions.

Before he retired, Dr Russell was the head of the ISO subcommittee which writes the standards for medical suction. You should definitely read his chapter on the topic.

BT_SQ 1.11 Describe how medical suction is generated and how to set up and test suction systems, both fixed and portable

TRUE/FALSE Each piped suction outlet free airflow must be at least 40 litres/minute in an operating theatre

TRUE/FALSE Negative pressure is generated by an electric motor and pneumatic pump using the Bernoulli’s principle

TRUE/FALSE The central Vacuum pump must be able to generate negative pressure of 60 kPa

TRUE/FALSE The suction tubing should be connected directly to the wall outlet

TRUE/FALSE Portable suction using an oxygen cylinder makes use of the Venturi principle


This is a pump for generating medical suction. There is a bit of motion blur in the photo, because these pumps are located in the dark depths of the hospital. What is the important anaesthetic implication of this?



This device generates a medical gas you probably never realised was used in a hospital. It isn’t really examinable, but do you know what it is? Answer next week…


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