BT_PM 1.27 Ketamine

When I was a trainee, one of my consultants nearly had an apoplexy when he found me giving ketamine as an analgaesic agent for a procedure. The drug probably saw less use than the dantrolene. Now I use it as part of my analgaesic regimen for most of my major cases…

BT_PM 1.27 Describe in detail the pharmacology of ketamine including mode of action, clinical utility, metabolism and toxicity, advantages and disadvantages of different routes of administration

TRUE/FALSE The clinical usefulness of ketamine as an analgesic is limited by apnoea

TRUE/FALSE Ketamine binds competitively to the phencyclidine recognition site on N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptors

TRUE/FALSE Ketamine is metabolised via the cytochrome p450 system to inactive metabolites

TRUE/FALSE Ketamine has no pharmacological action on opioid receptors

TRUE/FALSE Ketamine may play a role in the modulation of spinal cord sensitization predominantly via its action on mu opioid receptors

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