BT_PM 1.8 Pain in the Elderly

Happy New Year to you all. I am going to start it off with one of your favourite topics 😏

Depending on how you count them, there are at least 11 LOs just on pain physiology . It is a complicated topic, but very important in modern anaesthetic practice. For this reason, it appears in every exam, and you should know the topic well.

BT_PM 1.8 Describe the alterations to physiology and perception of pain in the older patient


TRUE/FALSE Opioid receptor density is decreased in the brain and spinal cord of the elderly
TRUE/FALSE Older people have a reduced ability to tolerate intense pain
TRUE/FALSE Autonomic responses to pain are blunted in dementia
TRUE/FALSE There is a lower threshold for temporal summation of painful thermal stimuli in the elderly
TRUE/FALSE Primary hyperalgaesia resolves more slowly in the elderly than the young

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