BT_PO 1.131 Antibiotic Prophylaxis

People sometimes regard antibiotics as being non-core knowledge for the primary. Given that they are one of the drugs we use most commonly, this view is unwarranted.

BT_PO 1.131 Explain the principles of antibiotic prophylaxis

TRUE/FALSE Clindamycin may cause foetal toxicity if given before delivery at Caesarean Section
TRUE/FALSE A positive Coombs reaction with cephalosporins is associated with haemolysis in 10-20% of patients
TRUE/FALSE Cefazolin provides better prophylaxis than cephalothin because it has slower renal excretion
TRUE/FALSE First generation cephalosporins are microbials of choice for uncomplicated genitourinary procedures
TRUE/FALSE Single dose antibiotic prophylaxis is the second most common cause of in hospital microbial resistance

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