BT_SQ 1.3 Anaesthetic Machines

It seems that we haven’t done equipment for a while either.

BT_SQ 1.3 Outline the mandatory safety requirements for anaesthetic machines. Refer to College professional document T3: Minimum Safety Requirements for Anaesthetic Machines for Clinical Practice.


TRUE/FALSE A fresh gas outlet must have a standard 22mm, 15mm or 8.5mm connector compliant with ISO 5356.
TRUE/FALSE An anaesthetic machine must contain an integral high pressure relief valve to prevent high pressures in the breathing system
TRUE/FALSE The scavenging connector to the circuit must be a 22mm tapered conical fitting compliant with ISO 5356
TRUE/FALSE An anaesthetic machine which requires electrical power must have a backup power supply which permits normal operation for at least 20 mins
TRUE/FALSE The emergency oxygen flush must have a locking feature to facilitate use in airway emergencies


O2 Flush Boyles1.png

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