Local Anaesthetics Part 2

A bit more on toxicity of local anaesthetics today.

BT_RA1.3  Discuss the pharmacology of local anaesthetic agents including:
· Mechanisms of action
· Comparative pharmacology of different agents
· Toxicity
· Use of adjuvant agents to enhance the quality or extend duration of block
· Pharmacokinetics of drugs administered in the epidural and subarachnoid space

Early excitatory signs of neurotoxicity are due to activation of excitatory interneurons TRUE/FALSE

High foetal plasma concentrations of local anesthetic are a result of higher α1-acid glycoprotein concentrations in the foetus TRUE/FALSE

Methaemaglobinaemia from prilocaine toxicity results in a right shift of the oxygen haemaglobin dissociation curve TRUE/FALSE

All local anesthetics exert dose-dependent negative inotropic action on cardiac muscle TRUE/FALSE

The CNS effects of local anesthetics may contribute to the generation of arrhythmias TRUE/FALSE

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