Local Anaesthetics

Sometimes whilst studying, I felt like I needed some Novocaine for the soul

Today, local anaesthetics….

BT_RA 1.3 Discuss the pharmacology of local anaesthetic agents including:
· Mechanisms of action
· Comparative pharmacology of different agents
· Toxicity
· Use of adjuvant agents to enhance the quality or extend duration of block
· Pharmacokinetics of drugs administered in the epidural and subarachnoid space

Duration of action of a local anaesthetic is primarily determined by the pKa of the agent  TRUE/FALSE

Increasing the dose of local anaesthetic will increase the duration of action TRUE/FALSE

Benzocaine is only suited to topical anaesthesia due to its lipophilicity TRUE/FALSE

All local anaesthetics EXCEPT ropivicaine cause vasodilation TRUE/FALSE

Adding bicarbonate to a local anaesthetic solution hastens the onset of action TRUE/FALSE

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