Illicit Drugs BT_PO 1.3a

BT_PO 1.3a Outline the pharmacology of commonly encountered illicit drugs and their interactions with drugs used in anaesthetic care

One night as a registrar I was up all night treating a man with a knife wound to the aorta. His girlfriend had allegedly stabbed him because they only had enough money for one hit. When I took him back to ICU (for the second time) at about 0500 his mother said, “I am going to kill that b****”. I had to bite my tongue not to say, “Could you at least wait until I am off duty”.

TRUE/FALSE Prolonged use of MDMA (Ecstasy) may cause permanant intracellular serotonin depletion

TRUE/FALSE Cocaine abstinence may lead to a life threatening withdrawal syndrome

TRUE/FALSE Cannabinoids provide moderate to strong analgaesia at lower doses to those causing sedation

TRUE/FALSE Cathinones have a similar risk of dependency to gamma hydroxybutyrate and cocaine

TRUE/FALSE Amphetamines can be neurotoxic via a mechanism involving the SERT receptor

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