BT_PO 1.4a Herbal Pharmacology

I was assessing a patient prior to fertility surgery who, on the advice of her naturopath, was taking about 15 herbal medications. She asked me, “Is that a lot?” At least half of them were listed as dangerous in pregnancy…

BT_PO 1.4a Outline the pharmacology of herbal medicines. Describe adverse effects and potential drug interactions of such medicines with particular reference to the perioperative period

TRUE/FALSE St John’s Wort inhibits CYP3A4

TRUE/FALSE Ginseng may reduce blood glucose levels

TRUE/FALSE Contamination of Ginkgo leaf extract with Ginkgo seeds may cause seizures

TRUE/FALSE Garlic may interact with warfarin through direct thrombin inhibition

TRUE/FALSE Cessation of valerian preoperatively may cause a benzodiazepine like withdrawal syndrome

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