Study Tip: Samizdat

MrPrimarylos is exhausted and in hospital! I’m much slacker and will post a study tip today and go to the beach on the weekend.

The black bank is a resource that can be used or misused. The best ways to use it are :

  • only look at it after you have researched topics and used active learning techniques. This would include practising SAQs and looking around your theatre environment to apply the material you’ve learnt
  • read around the material covered by the MCQ while you try to answer it, using it as an active learning technique
  • create your own flashcards (there are great apps available) with brief notes on the answer card to remind you of the reading you’ve already done
  • use those flashcards when you have small epochs of time or are too exhausted to embark on other study


Poor ways to use it are :

  • memorise someone else’s answers
  • try to answer black bank questions before having a good grasp of the topic they cover


It would be great if readers could add other useful ways to use the black bank in the comments section.

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